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Colorado Fall Rose review

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

It is Oct. 10 and the first freeze is 3 days away so I wanted to capture my fall impressions. Weird year for us. Our yard and roses seemed to stagnate.

This the first year we had it professionally sprayed. I chose a company called Organo Lawn which was supposed to be the best products. But I read all the MSDSs before selecting them and opted out of alot of their chemical options. One specifically because it said not to be used around fruit trees. When they came to bid they never asked about fruit trees nor do they warn their customers about this product and just suggested it willy nilly. Needless to say I wasn't impressed. I did not authorize spraying anything (pre-emergent, weed killer etc - nothing!) on the rocks or mulch beds in order to protect the roses.

The rose bed continues to delight. It is a spectacular treat to glance at it from the house or walk by it in the yard.

Picture of bed.

Candyland in foreground has been a delight, Winnipeg Parks to right is a strong continual performer. Amiga Mia in background, showing off.

A real stand out continues to be Amiga Mia. Blooming machine and lovely fragrance. Stays a nice shape also.

Surprisingly Sally Holmes is adding a nice element to the rose garden this year. Still some J.B. but somehow the roses are still able to show off. This has been her best year.

The Fairy is also nicely decked out.

Fred Loads is the most amazing grower, being our largest rose. I thought I had it all in the frame but I do not.

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