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36" stainless steel one-basin workstation sink recommendations?

2 months ago

I have a 39" cabinet. I am looking for recommendations for a 36" stainless steel one-basin workstation sink, with radius corners. I honestly don't see the value of purchasing a $5,000 sink. Any recommendations? I don't need all the workstation attachments. I would prefer 16 gauge. I can spray on my own soundproofing if necessary.

I have a workstation sink now that only has 1 ledge, with a cutting board. When I spray water on the cutting board, the water goes everywhere. This sink is top-mounted, so hopefully, if my new sink is under mounted, I won't have this problem. If not, I would also want a sink with 2 ledges or a ledge that was lower on the sink. As I understand, you can do a ledge with the granite (haven't explored this idea yet), but I am afraid that water getting into the granite cavity might be a problem.

Anyway, thank you.

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