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help with furniture layout tv above fireplace ♀️

Katie Mapes
2 months ago

Sorry for long post!!!
New build currently being framed by my husband I will post some photos and my sketch which is how the house is framed right now. I can post the original plans as well if that is helpful! We just moved the fireplace from the middle of the floor to the back wall of house, therefore eliminating 3 windows with a view of the woods ! Our house is in a small wooded subdivision and needs to be board and batten earth tone cottage in the woods! We are one mile from Lake Michigan
Anyway so do I have to put the tv above fireplace ?! I want it right where that damn bedroom door is 🙄😆 help with design of living room please ! We also have 3 3 by 5 casement windows left over after the fireplace move that my husband is not looking forward to reframing in elsewhere but I’m sure he will end up using them somewhere in this house !
Moving onto the easy breeze porch …. It is at the entry of our house. Do you have any awesome ideas for furniture layout for it ? 👀🤩🤔😎
FYI upstairs are two bedrooms for my little girls. Each bedroom has its own 6 by 10 bathroom 🚽
Thanks all!

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