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Seeking advice on LR layout (TV/fireplace dilemma)- help please!

5 years ago
Hi Houzzers! My husband and I have been renovating our 1981 house for the last 2 years. We are currently struggling with our LR furniture/TV arrangement. As you can see from the photos, we have a fireplace.. under construction. Originally was painted brick with 80s floating hearth and no mantel. We’re adding a big barnwood mantel (you can see the brown stripe and mounting brackets). And we will add silver travertine stacked stone (see samples in pic) from ceiling to floor covering all cement board and brick.. And add a dark grey hearthstone. The debate is re: the TV. We got a TV that’s a bit too big (IMO) but I lost that battle. It’s 65”. We have it above the fireplace now, and planned to keep it there, but raise it a bit. If we keep it above FP, the bottom of the TV will be 67” off the floor. It’s quite high and I worry it will take away from our future fireplace feature wall. I thought of getting a mantel mount to bring it down when we watch for a long period of time to deal with the height. The only other option we see for TV placement is on the small wall next to the slider. The TV is actually just as wide as the hutch that is currently there; wall is 77”. Would love your thoughts on those 2 options: 1) above fireplace, or 2) on small wall instead of hutch (either mounted above a console table or in a built-in shelving unit). The advantage of it on the wall next to slider is that we could view from the kitchen if angled when needed. That would be nice while meal prepping and the game is on. But will it look odd on the small wall? We don’t want it on the big wall (currently sofa wall) because then we would have the sofa and our backs to the fireplace/kitchen/view which we love. Pls see photos from every angle ;). A few things to note: rug is not in place yet as we are waiting for pad to move it under sofa, we will be moving elliptical to office, hutch and bench are just here temporarily, and we still need curtains, artwork and 1-2 comfy chairs! FYI, we are in early 40s, no kids, and not formal at all. We’d love your opinions, and we know that neither option is ideal, but this is our space. And no TV isn’t an option. Room is 20x14’. Thank you in advance!!

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