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What is wrong with my Bobo hydrangeas?

Donna R
2 months ago

I took time this spring to research the best white hydrangea for the front of our new home and decided on Bobo because it stays small. We bought 15 Proven Winner plants that were grown at a landscape wholesaler in Avon right next to Lake Erie. We are in zone 6A in North Canton, Ohio. So the plants were grown around here. They were sticks when we planted them and they grew into beautiful creamy white hydrangea plants and we were beyond happy with them up until early to middle of August, when the flowers turned an ugly brown. The ugly brown still persist on the plants. I contacted Proven Winners to express my disappointment and they said it could be because they are first year plants. I don't think i believe this. They are supposed to age to a nice bronzy pink. They are nothing like that. They are so ugly that they are ruining the front of our house. Can anyone comment on this? We dislike them so much, (how they are looking now), that we are thinking of taking them out. But we will be out $35 each. Not a small chunk of change.

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