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My Options to Replace Sliding Door Rollers

2 months ago

Hi Guys,

Looking for some advice on what would be the easiest way to change rollers on my sliding door.


Frame of my sliding door really sagged in the middle. It is so low at the middle that I can’t take out the door even if I put my current rollers to the lowest position. Even when I put rollers to lowest setting, I need almost one inch of more space in the middle for door to come off. I did try to move door all the way up and then slide out the bottom part after.

I also tried to remove side panels from the door itself, how they show on some Youtube videos. However I was unsuccessful and side panels won’t move no matter how hard I try to knock on them. They remain so in place that I think there are groves or rails that will only allow side panels to move up or down.

I am looking for other way of how I can remove the door from the frame so that I can remove/change rollers.

Please let me know your ideas.

Below are some pictures to give you better idea about my situation

Thank you for your help.

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