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Window leak, musty smell?

last month

We purchased this house last Summer. When we moved in, we noticed black mold behind the wallpaper that we ended up ripping out. We tore out the drywall under and around the window, and thought we had fixed our issues, patched it up and went on our way. Well, here we are this spring and I noticed a musty smell every time I walked into this room from outside. I pinpointed it to it coming from below the window trim so I removed it and noticed mold right in the middle where the two windows meet. I cleaned it and decided to open the rest of the wall below to see if there was mold or moisture there. No evidence of moisture however the smell is quite strong. I believe the majority of the water rests between the window and the support wood it’s resting on. I also noticed that the left pane window, the paint is cracking. Is this also caused from moisture? We had just sanded and repainted these windows over the winter

My question is, is this an outside caulking issue? Or is this an old window needs to be replaced issue?

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