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Motion activated kitchen lighting

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

So, I saw these cool motion activated lights from a firm called Novy. The lights are "gesture activated"--so you turn it off and on by waving at the light, and on certain models, you can direct what sections of the light fixture are on by waving a certain direction with your hands. I have no idea what it costs.

So does anyone have any experience with motion activated lighting in the kitchen? Certainly, outdoor motion-activated lights are common and well-established. Is motion activated kitchen lighting a solution in search of a problem? Is this just something that my cats will play with and eventually wear out from overuse? What other cool technology is out there? I just learned about the Frame TV on another thread here, and I thought that was interesting, and I thought about and passed on Invisacook because I didn't think it is there yet technologically. I am remodeling, and now is the time to add the devices.

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