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tile over concrete or use ditra (also glue residual from vinyl)

9 months ago

I am trying to get this all in one post. All of the toilets are leaking in a house we bought. I realized why when we removed the first toilet and saw that it had shams stuck under it to keep it in place and it was not flush with the flange.

Question 1:

The house is only 10 years old and the subfloor is in good shape (no cracks and it's level). Should I use the ditra or save the money and tile over the concrete floor?

Question 2:

I plan to tile both bathrooms myself and this will be my first time tiling but I have experience using thinset and grout so I am not a total novice. I removed the old vinyl sheet flooring today in the first one (it's only 25 sq ft the other bathroom is larger). All of the floor and paper were removed but there is some glue residue. I have researched a lot and it seems to be a mixed bag of whether the ditra or tile would stick directly to the floor without removing ALL of the glue first, and I have also seen a lot of suggestions over how to remove the glue (ranging from boiling water to kilz to a product ditra makes to grinding it down which I really don't want to do).

In this case, it is worth getting all of the remaining glue off so the thinset will stick or is this overkill?

Attaching a pic of the floor. The worst is around the toilet where it had leaked because all of the paper was really stuck and I used a razor to scrape it up. (For context we are in the south so I know that moisture may be more of an issue with a concrete floor than cracking at this point in time).

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