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All I want is 11,780, no, Just ONE bottle of Melinda’s Chipotle Sauce

2 months ago

Just a 5 oz bottle for now because I am out of my supply.

I want only moderately hot. The bottle we now have is like this. No ”stars” or chilies designated.

I mix this sauce with my other bottled BBQ sauce. Walmart indicates they are out of sock, and that’s fine with me if they truly expect $20.40 for a 5 oz bottle.

REAL Maple syrup is cheaper. So this Melinda sauce at this price is about 10 times the cost of Vermont maple syrup. Maybe I am missing something….

Maybe I will make my own Chipotle with habanero sauce. I think last night I was milking cows in my dreams. I could just feed a dairy cow chipotle and habanero then ….

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