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First year rose, no growth (Earth Angel)

2 months ago

First time rose owner here! I planted an own root Earth Angel rose this spring behind my mailbox Maybe around two weeks later they came along burying fiber optic line past our place. I wasn’t sure if they were going to go in front of or behind my mailbox so I dug it up again to ensure it’s safety and promptly broke one of the main canes off. I was so mad at myself!
It managed two buds—one was on the branch that broke off. The other one turned brown before it opened, which I assume was botrytis blight, despite it being warm and very, very dry.
All this to say, it never had any new growth and I’m curious if this is normal or if I shocked it by breaking that branch off or is there something wrong with my soil? When I planted it I used well rotted horse manure compost and I fertilized at least once with Neptunes Harvest Fish and Seaweed fertilizer.

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