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Help fitting 2 beds in kids’ room

17 days ago

I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out a solution here so I am hoping you all can help. I am trying to update the kids’ room to fit beds for my 7 yo daughter and 4 yo son to create a room they can use for at least the next 5 years.

My ideal scenario is 2 low lift beds end to end on the same wall that the bed and crib at on now, with drawers underneath and a nook as well where they can hide/escape/play, at least at their current size. The problem is that the wall is only 155 ft (w/ an extra 2 inches if I took off the molding), which means 1) I need 2 beds no longer than 77 inches, 2) stairs to get up must be on the long side, not the end, and 3) access to underneath must also be on the long side.

If it was one inch shorter, this would be ideal, and I would put the bookshelf on the short end under the bed so that would be a shelf they can access from their hideout: Hagen Twin Solid Wood Platform Loft Bed with Bookcase by Sunside Sails

This one is the right length, and could work except that you can’t really access the underneath from the front of the bed. If I made the step removable so it could be an entry, I would worry that it was unsafe for them to step on: Emmily Kids Twin Loft Bed with Drawers

Even looking at just loft beds with no built in storage, they are pretty much always 78”+.

I also considered bunk beds, but it was less than ideal bc 1) I feel like they will get on each others’ nerves eventually and also argue about who gets to sleep on which bunk and why and 2) the only wall it could go on without blocking a window is the wall immediately when you enter, and that felt like it would be a bit claustrophobic with a huge piece of furniture flanking the door and almost making a “corridor” to enter.

Suggestions are very welcome in terms of layouts or furniture types (or shorter loft beds!) that I may not have thought of but may work.

Thanks for reading!!

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