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how can I help this entry?

18 days ago

In the process of purchasing this home and I have no idea how to help the entry! You enter into very high walls and lots of right angles! It doesn't have the best feel when you enter and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to make it feel more inviting? A bench or design on the first wall to left of doors? Sorry I don't have a photo standing from the outside going in - Its those large block walls to the left of the doors as you walk in and high ceilings...feels almost like a tunnel. Help!

(photos are of previous owners- I am planning on replacing the lighting (not sure what -a separate post) and our style would be transitional or eclectic. - we tend to move every four years- have lived in 4 different countries and about 8 different cities- so always thinking resale as well)

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