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what do you do with fabric scraps and old clothes

claudia valentine
5 months ago

As much as I have decluttered over the years, I am still peeling that onion and finding more.

As of now, I have a bag of clothing that some is good as a second life, but some is of no value to anyone. Also, I have scraps of all kinds from the sewing room floor.

With few real options for recycling these scraps and little use for worn out clothes, I have begun to think about maybe making another scrap rag rug from them.

I used to do this with scraps and old clothes . I made many a scrap rug....many.

Although I do know that it will all end up in the landiflll, at least it will still serve some purpose as it makes it way to that hellish place.

I even had hubs underwear that he no longer wanted and cut that into strips. I have both knit and woven fabrics that I intend to make a rug from each, one knit and one woven

I have had some old rugs of all kinds on the garage floor and they are worn and old and I am tired of looking at them. So, out they go!

There is a good argument to be made about discarding things just to replace them. I understand that. The old ones will go to the garbage to be replaced by new ones made from things that would just have gone to the landfill also. A complicated equation, for sure,and not certain how it all adds up. Even I had not decided to replace these worn out rugs, I would still have made the rag rugs. least these will be new ones. The old ones have been out there for decades.

I cut the fabric into strips and use a very large wooden crochet hook to crochet them into a large round. that spirals around with no real turning chain, just an end of round and alternating increase rounds to keep the circle flat. I used to do this a lot and have made more rugs than I could ever remember.

I am going to make a couple more before I shuffle off this earth.

Since I have tired of knitting, this will be my evening TV thing to do . I simply cannot just sit and watch TV. I feel so lost with nothing for my hands to do!

I went by the resell store yesterday and the sheer number of old knits that were all pilled up and faded and stained and worn out was amazing! Most of that is of little value. Those old shirts would make some good rugs! But most of them are not good to wear. I wont give away things like that. If I would not wear it, why would I think that anyone else would, either? They get too much of the stuff that people just dont want to put in the garbage or cant be bothered to sort out for themselves. And, they get tons of it!

Rag rugs, anyone? The good thing about this is that you can use much less than perfect old stuff for it. Some people talk of piecieng and quilting, but you need a more consistent and better fabric to do that with. A rug does not matter if it fuggly or pilled.

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