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Gastritis help. Any thoughts?

14 days ago

Since y'all are a wealth of collective knowledge and my daughter is struggling with this, I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows what she may do to improve her situation.

Dd (30) has been suffering from extreme stomach pain this calendar year. She's been to several doctors for the problem. They thought she may have an ulcer. Prescribed an ulcer medication. Was told if this helped some, was likely an ulcer. It did turn the pain down from a 9 to a 5. Based on this, they ordered testing for h.pylori. Her test came back negative. So prescription Prilosec and another anti-acid was given in addition to being told to keep taking the ucler meds since not all ulcers are caused by h.pylori. She's on many pills a day. Not helping much and still has debilitating flares where she is incapacitated. She's had two full day ER admissions so far. ER performed a full body CT scan and full blood panel lab set which did not show anything of concern in the stomach area. They did see fibroids even though she is on birth control pills to control excess bleeding (which she does not experience when taking these), slightly enlarged liver, a kidney stone, nodule on lung which they think is because she has asthma. But nothing remarkable with the stomach. Blood test showed elevated immune system cells on dates of ER admissions but on later tests when not in acute pain -- just level 5 pain, those had returned to normal.

She was referred to GI dept which performed endoscopy and biopsy. Diagnosis was significant stomach inflamation, gastritis; no visble ulcer, no visable scarring from possible suspected ulcer. Biopsy found no harmful bacterias or cancer. Based on this finding, they took her off ulcer medication but kept her on rx Prilosec around the clock--still not resolving the stomach pain. GI doctor told her she needs to come back for office visit in October as resolution is not in sight at this time and Celiac testing was negative. We are hoping the doctor is consulting with other specialists between now and then. Dd will ask for food allergy testing at that time in case this is an issue.

In the meantime, she's losing a lot of weight because she can't eat many foods and the pain makes eating difficult. She's already tiny so not much to part with and I can tell from looking at her she's experiencing nutritional lack. She's gaunt, sunken looking. Losing hair. Very tired. She is drinking plenty of water. Takes a probiotic. But what to eat? She's staying away from the list of acidic foods and no dairy but is still in pain. Ugh. This is where I'm stopping minding my own business and asking for help and suggestions if there are any.

What she is doing mediocre with (pain is at level 5) is homemade miso soup, Apple slices in small amounts. Nature's Bakery fig bars. Plain pasta with simple pesto used sparingly. Homemade bone broth. Eggs are a toss up but she was able to tolerate last night with bone broth, made eggdrop soup style. Sushi rolls with cucumber, cooked salmon, halibut or cod and no seasoning--we make at home. Cheerios with soy milk. Boiled brocolli. Carrots and celery sticks in small amounts. Doing well with small portions of steak and chicken with no seasoning, at times. No idea why hit or miss on this.

Maybe some thoughts are within the group? Maybe some recipes that have been tolerated well by those with this condition?


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