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Container Maple Pot Culture : Pot Upsizing

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

For you container JM maple growers out there....

If you do a read on maple container grow guides, many container maple guides seem to advise to upsize 1 or 2 sizes when growing JM in Pots

I acquired a 1G Maple this spring as it was the only one I could find of that cultivar in that specific moment. Off I planted it in a 15G container

Found me a nicer larger size this week

So I removed the 1G acquired from the 15G pot.

When I went to remove it from the pot, just as expected, the rootball was a easy 3G+ in overall pot volume.

Watering aside or the possibilty that a large pot + small root mass may have moisture issues, is there any real drawback when planting a smaller maple in a much larger upsized pot.

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