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Well pump on 24/7 for Flow Through Koi Pond

2 months ago

I have a 6700 gallon pool which I'll be putting koi fish in and I will need to flow well water 24/7 through the pool (well water in pool, then in filter, then out on ground) for about a month or so until the pool filter system gets the beneficial bacteria growth to take care of the ammonia.

Don't know much about my well depth or pump size. The well pump kicks on around 50 psi and turns off around 75 psi.

I heard its better to run the pump 24/7 rather than have it cycle on/off all the time? If this is true is it better on the pump to run it at 50 psi rather than 30 psi? Would it cost more in electric bill to run it at 30 psi vs 50 psi or is the wattage the same? Not sure what water flow I need as of now since the fish aren't in the pool yet.

As for my pool filter pump: I have a 7000 GPH pump which might be to much water flow for my 3 barrel K1 filter system so is there a wattage regulator switch I can hook up to the pump to reduce the flow to say around 3500 GPH?

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