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Just moved in, how can I make my bedroom glow?

Liam Coyle
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Heyo! As per the title, I just moved into a new place and am starting from ground zero with furniture. Super stoked to be able to make it my own space, however, am struggling to come to a decision on the overall design.

Apologies in advance for the quality of the photos and general clutter. I would retake them in the daylight but I don't think the carpet and doors are going to look any better. The curtains will also not be staying :)

The third and fourth photos will be the most helpful as they showcase the materials already in the room and the general color palette I'm currently hoping to use. In general, I'm looking to incorporate a ton of houseplants (have south and east-facing windows up in Wyoming so will have decent natural light) and use copper accents. Looking to get into crafting/metalworking and will be starting with copper so any DIY ideas are more than welcome! Have been flirting with the idea of stenciling the wall and doing some kind of aged copper headboard but I'm not convinced they would fit with the carpet.

The dimensions of the room are 135" x 161" and I'd love to decide on a design soon so I can order a bed and start sleeping in there, lol. Given the size of the room, the bed is going to be the centerpiece so I'm having a bit of an analysis paralysis in choosing the exact kind of style.

One fun aspect of the room that's worth mentioning is the interconnected (i.e. no interior walls) cubbies above the closet which could allow for some fun houseplant layouts. I'm planning to take off the doors and have some sort of cascading plant(s) but am open to all ideas of how to utilize the space!

Let me know what you all think and please feel free to ask any questions!

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