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How do I arrange my bedroom?

Bethany Harbaugh
7 years ago

My husband and I have a teeny bedroom. Everything is set, and we can't move anything like the heat register. There's a LOT of stuff making it hard to play around with the furniture arrangement. I have two doors in the bedroom, a closet, and a window with a heat register underneath it. I want to make it so I have LOTS of storage, but that's really hard with a tiny space. How do I make it work?

This is how it's currently set up. Closet space to the left, window to the right.

My husband and I thought we could set it up like this. Bed in the closet (shelves changed for something nicer to go over and around the bed), and some nice wardrobe pieces out on either side of the window as our closet/storage units (TV that would pull out is by the lower door beside a wardrobe piece). I need more floor space for exercise and general breathing space, so I think this accomplishes that. But, I don't know. I've had many ideas on how to arrange furniture, and it turns into something more inconvenient, like...on my side (the side furthest from the door), I only have about a foot or so to move on the side. So, I would be smooshed a bit. But, I don't know if that would be a big issue, considering I wake up after my husband.

Any and ALL help is appreciated! I want solutions that will last, as I don't want to put all this energy or money into something I'll only NEED to change later. Thanks!

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