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How would I turn a 3 bedroom into a 4 bedroom?

12 years ago

I'm usually pretty good at problem solving when it comes to design and renovations, but this one has me stumped so I'm hoping someone here can help.

Last week my husband and I had a look at a 75 year old house that needs a lot of work, but we fell in love with the charm and the layout. We currently have 2 daughters; an almost 10 year old and an 11 month old. We would like to have one more in the future. This house is only a 3 bedroom and we would like to find something we can live in long term. To tell you the truth, the only reason we agreed to look at this house in the first place is because we were hoping there would be a 4th bedroom option on either the main floor or in the basement. There wasn't, but we love it and want to find a way to make it work. We're also firm believers that kids should have a space to call their own (probably because we both had to share rooms with siblings when we were kids), and we would never make the 10 year old share with the baby. We would be a little more okay having the 2 young ones share, but if we ever had a boy....

So you see our dilemma. The bedroom sizes are 11 x 10, 13 x 13, and 13 x 12. Do you think it would be possible to turn one of the larger bedrooms into 2 bedrooms, or would that make the rooms WAY too small? Should we just forget this house and move on? It has SO much potential!

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