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How tall can a wisteria grown as a standard be?

bart bart
2 months ago

Uncertain whether this post should go on the trees forum or the vines forum, but here it goes anyway.

My garden here in Tuscany,Italy faces south-west, and with the climate change crisis has become far, far too hot and sunny- I must plant trees to provide shade as quickly as possible,so focus on fast growers. Now, I see that wisteria can be grown as a standard, but all the pictures I see on Internet seem to show these standards as being rather dwarfish,only around 6 feet high or less. But could it be grown as a taller tree-say, 3-4 meters in height? (that's around 10-14 feet). I repeat, I NEED shade ,and a taller tree would provide this much more efficiently than would a dwarf standard. I must specify that here, in my dry, hot summer climate, wisteria is by no means as aggressive as it seems to be in climates with a lot of summer rain. Thanks in advance!

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