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Pass through koi pond setup

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I need to get my koi out of my pond so I'm trying to find info on how to run well water through a 18' diameter pool for my 400 5"-10" koi until next March. I heard you can run well water through the pond until the filter builds up beneficial bacterial? Is it that simple? Just run the well water 24/7 through the pool and filter and pass the waste water out?

I would appreciate any help with pointing out problems or improvements I could make to my initial flow through pool and once the beneficial bacterial are good I will cut the well water off and circulate the pool water with a pump and do water changes with the well water. Also could someone let me know if I should use filter pads in the first tank or if K1 would be better? What size pump would be good once the beneficial bacterial are good?

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