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Lake House Living Room/ Dining Room Furniture Help

Colleen Nicol_Abb
6 months ago

I'm looking for thoughts on how to furnish the very open floorplan of our new lake home. We'd like to keep it somewhat "beachy or coastal" in theme. Casual but not too messy (couch structure). We like the color pallate of the stone in firepalce so working with those colors as accents would be great. We'd love to get some blues in there a bit more. Thinking of staying with neutral couches but maybe a patterened accent chair? The photos are how the current owners have it set up. We will be starting from scratch with furniture for this area. Weve found a dining table that we love but not chairs. We'd like to keep the chair back height low so as not to interfere with the view. My husband also preferrs a bench on one side of the table if possible but not a deal breaker. For the remaining chairs we'd like something padded perhaps? Do we do a colored fabric? Does the table selection work with flooring color? We would plan to add a rug under dining table.

This area also flows right into the kitchen


Dining Table Options

Dining Chair (none of the wood options seem great. Also unsure of fabric color. Something along the style of this chair is what we were looking at.

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