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living room storage design advise

Sarah Do
4 months ago

Asking for forgiveness for the long train of thought in advance.

I have a family of 4 in an apt that is a total of about 850 square feet. The overall aesthetic I wish we had was organic modern. We have wide oak plank floors. The apt overall has a decent amount of natural stones, off whites, grays, etc. kitchen has odd white cabinets and bathroom has whitewashed oak vanity. We still have a pretty interesting rug in the main area that doesn’t match the aesthetic but has successfully hidden stains from children. For now the rug will likely stay.

Our current problem… for children’s toys. We currently have a giant black shelving unit from ikea that I hate. I wanted to put something under the TV. My original plan was to make a floating cabinet from maple (since it’s strong) that would blend into the wall (off white); however, in order to get some good storage bins in the cabinet we will need to make it approximately 16” deep and I am being told that I will need to add front legs for support as a result.

At this point I’m wondering if I should make something with four legs and forget about painting it. In that case i might pick a different wood that won’t yellow over time.

Whatever we go with will likely be 94” wide by 16” deep and 30” in height. Showing a picture of my open space and a picture of some of the cabinet ideas I would like.

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