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Help me design my Great Room [Dining and Living Room Combo]

3 years ago

New construction. Empty Nester-ish [1 senior HS 2 college close by]. Lots of family nearby. Entertain often.

Room Dimensions 17.5 from edge of fireplace to end of wall [where dining room area begins] and 18'

Dining Room is 12'x18'

Either side of fireplace is 6' and 18" deep.

Here's floorplan.

Here's picture.

Walls are Crushed Ice. Windows Bronze. Trim Alabaster.

Thinking 11x14 Rug 2 couches and 2 chairs 2 end tables and coffee table. TV on left of fireplace so I'll buy a tv console for there. Possibly a bench behind the couch on right so that I can add to the table for extra seating.

I want comfortable but not too comfortable so elderly folks can't get up. I am moving the leather couches we currently have to the basement so I am leaning towards an easy to clean linen style.

I like the look of Crate and Barrel Gather [3 seat] but it's 43" deep. Not sure if too deep.

Same with Monarch Claudia.

Arhaus Branson is only 36" depth.

Coffee Table not sure if rectangle or square?

Thinking 2 velvet-y chairs on window side facing opposite wall where a couch would sit and another couch facing fireplace. end table between 2 chairs and between 2 sofas.

I'd like to go neutral with the furnishings and then accessorize with color [dining chairs can be colorful and maybe accent chairs in great room].

Thoughts? Changes?

Wood Dining table that seats 6 and can stretch to seat 12.

Thinking fabric chairs but hopefully easy to clean. Can mix styles.

I want an extension table with the extensions built in and so that when extended still comfortable at the ends.

I tend to be more eclectic in taste. Don't want everything to be from the same furniture set if that makes sense.

I have an elephant I want to use for one of the side tables probably and have some art already but beyond that need to buy. yikes.

Here is an inspiration layout. [obviously bigger and more light but idea].

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