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Juglans Nigra good? Pinus Mugo instead.

4 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have a spot in the front yard, where I lost a pagoda dogwood and was considering what to plant there for a replacement.

A week ago, I could see something growing in the existing mulch ring that was around the Cornus.

Turns out, it resembles a black walnut.

Any reasons not to let it grow and be the replacement tree?

It will be about 20 ft. away on east side of my Korean maple tree (hoping for some summer shade for the k. maple).

I know all about juglone and nuts on the ground. And there are many J. nigra growing around town, so I know it grows here. I'm concerned there may be unforeseen problems that aren't found in documentation and not generally spread by word of mouth. TIA.

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