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Pteris cretica, Pteris nipponica, Pteris nipponicum???

7 months ago

I'm referring to the variegated form, usually called "Albolineata". Online data seems to be hopelessly confused. Are the above all the same species? calls their version P. nipponicum albo-linata and they claim it is hardy to zone 8. Wikipedia says P. cretica and P. nipponica are synonyms (but then they go on to say that botanical synonymy is different from normal, so not sure if they're considered the same plant, or not) and says it can only be grown in frost-free areas. Egan Gardens in Salem has a whole table full of what they call Pteris 'Albolineata' in their greenhouse and they say these are houseplants, grow outside only during summer. They look identical to what Sebright is selling as a hardy (to zone 8) plant.

So, I'm curious if anyone is growing a variegated Pteris outdoors in zone 8, zone 7...colder?