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What is wrong with this cherry tree?

7 months ago

The year after Hurricane Sandy, I gave up trying to save a 40-year-old crab apple tree on this spot that had been seriously damaged. I had the tree removed and the stump ground down more than a foot. In its place I had planted this cherry tree. The tree's been doing fine until this Spring. We did have a late frost (2nd week of May) and a 3-week drought. The tree's leaves seem to be smaller than usual, a bit yellower, and in particular, as the photos show, a few smaller branches have produced only a few leaves which quickly browned. I also note that one of the smaller roots (+/- 2" diameter) has girdled a larger root (4-5") on one side. A few other roots seem closer to the surface as well, which I'm not sure is a problem. Should I try cutting away the small girdling root? What else can be wrong? Thanks, guys.

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