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Mycorrhizae in potted maples

Soumil Yarlagadda
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Hello everyone, I decided to try an experiment with arbuscular endomycorrhizae on my potted maples (Chalk Maple, Silver Maple, Sugar Maple, Trident Maple, Norway Maple). I exposed the rootballs of each, spread the powder, then covered them with soil again, watered heavily. In some of the maples i added fertilizer with the mycorrhizae, but I think they will counteract eachother. Im aiming for fast, uniform growth.

To show an example of what i did, i attached photos of the process with this Silver Maple, I used both mycorrhizae and fertilizer.
I live in coastal southern california, the summer temps are high (80-90F), the water i use is hard, full of minerals and maybe salts, will thee factors negatively affect the fungi?

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