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What could have eaten the roots of my buddleia?

I've had a "Nanho Purple" buddleia in my front yard for at least a decade, maybe 15 years. It's always done fine, but this year it just didn't come back! I had a baby growing next to it, though, so I waited until today JUST to be sure and then went to cut the old one down.

When I pulled on one of the limbs, though, the whole thing just came right out of the ground!

No roots. At all. Just totally gone :-O

And then I looked at the baby, and while it had some roots, they were mostly gone, too! I could pull it right out of the ground without even using a shovel. I went ahead and transplanted it to a new area, but I'm not sure if it will survive.

Any thoughts on what might have completely eaten the roots of them, though, without showing any signs on the limbs or leaves?

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