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Still no rain, flowers keep blooming

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Foliage looks bad and the ground is so hard I could not even dig a plant this week but somehow the daylilies keep putting out blooms.

Green Rainbow

Asheville White Winged Dove

Indian Giver


Garden Butterfly-I love this look

Green Icon-with a poly


Last Snowflake

Butter Cream-huge and bright

Ruby Star Sapphire-I had to double check this last year and again this year. The name does not seem to match the bloom!

And Enter Laughing yet again. Sorry if you are tired of seeing it but it is so showy every day

Remembered Kisses

Linda Sierra

Money Maker-afternoon photo-I missed it in the morning

Shores of Time-darker color in early morning

Tricolor-these were beautiful blooms

A first year seedling from some of Celeste’s seeds. It is in a part of the garden that is not watered and the bloom shows that but it may have a future in my garden!

Lip Smack

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