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BM Product Lines and Finishes

last year
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We are painting every inch of our newly purchased home (new build from 2006). The previous owners have every inch a medium/dark blue or gray/green and we are having everything painted light and bright (Swiss Coffee walls and Simply White trim/moldings/doors/ceilings/cabinets). Our painter uses SW paint more and has no BM discount, so I am buying the paint myself to ensure it's the right color and kind. Which BM product lines/finishes are best in which space? I was thinking:

Almost all Walls- BM Aura in eggshell (can we get away with Regal Select in eggshell to save $$?)

Ceilings- BM regal Select in flat (can we get away with Ultraspec500 on ceilings to save $$?)

Trim/Moldings/Doors- BM Advance in semigloss -- our painter said to get Satin Impervo instead??

Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets- BM Advance in Satin

Bathroom walls/ceilings- Aura Bath and Spa (only comes in matte - is this necessary/worth it for bathroom walls AND ceilings?)

The house's walls are an orange peel texture which we don't like; not sure if that makes a difference in terms of the finish/product we use for walls. Even though we are lightening the walls, we prefer to minimize the texture if possible, certainly not highlight it. TIA!

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