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Ride for Dad 2023

3 months ago

Thanks to one executive's hard work, I was able to take part yesterday in the annual motorcycle run for prostate cancer research. My previous rider was unable to take me, so she found a couple. I started out with Bill and he had to leave the run early to run the barbecue at the final stop. Brent took over and I finished the ride with him.

457 riders and $106K collected so far. The money stays here in town for our local hospital.

Police motorcycle escort through town, and the rest of the journey is in the countryside, through towns and other pit stops for water, munchies, washrooms, cards for the poker run, etc.

This guy wasn't part of it, we happened to be riding behind him for part of the road and I saw him at one of the stops. He's heading up north with his dog, who was tethered in his booster seat behind him. I had a great talk with him. He takes the dog everywhere and he loves the bike.

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