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Outdoor lighting help needed

Amy Kennair
3 months ago

Hey y’all. I have just finished restoring my mothers solid wood, hand carved door. Long story short, it was a nightmare. 8 layers of paint, stain, and lacquer. She has added a frame to give the illusion of a larger door. Because of that, the lights flanking her door are an issue.

  1. Too close to frame.
  2. Scale.

She does not have an easy, without an electrician, way to hang a pendant.

I need help deciding the best lighting plan for
This setup. She is a mix of Victorian and rustic farmhouse. The door hardware is antique bronze. The porch height is 9 feet. She is also considering adding wooden shudders to the 3 windows under the porch. Any help or advice there would be great. 🙏🏼

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