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Very open concept design advice and rug coordination needed!

Natalie Borsellino
3 months ago

I’ll be moving into a new home soon and the entryway is extremely open. Basically, when you walk into the house through the front door, there’s a long wall to your left, and a very large, open space to your right. I’m planning on doing a living room area in the half of the space closest to the front door and dining room table in the further side.

All that to say, I’m thinking of doing a runner in the entry, a rug under the dining room table, and a rug in the living area. Is this too many rugs in one general space?

If so, where would be best to do without one (I really want one by the entry as I’d like to cover up the tile mosaic if possible)?

If there is not too many, any suggestions on how to coordinate?

Any general design suggestions or tips for a space like this would also be greatly appreciated!

I've also attached photos of the space (not showing my furniture). Thank you in advance!

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