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Ideas About What To Do About Height Of Front Porch?

TJ Smith
3 months ago

Have a problem with my front porch - which is the step into the house is too high. Many people have complained about it especially when coming out. They have also commented on the step from the sidewalk to the porch is also high. I also have elderly people in the house so a shallower step would be a wonderful thing.

This house was built in 1965. Porch is poured concrete with a brick edge. There is no way that step heights this tall would be approved today by an inspector if this was new construction.

At first I was just thinking of building a single wood step at the threshold and a single brick step coming off the sidewalk. Than I was thinking of building a brick step at the threshold and a brick step off the sidewalk.

A friend saw a video where people put brick veneer on their porch and I started thinking about bricking over the entire porch with regular brick. It would raise the height of the entire porch so that would fix it. People have said they love the idea of the brick porch.

I have some concerns - first being about where the brick is against the siding - do you leave a gap?

What about the siding itself?

And what about the porch columns - do I cut them to fit the new height?

And lastly - could I put brick veneer on the front and side of the porch?

I have done quite a bit of masonry on my own (sidewalks and patios) so I am pretty sure I could do it.

Would like to hear some comments.

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