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Removed mustache landscaping, now what?

Little Bird
3 months ago

I didn’t like how the landscaping looked like a droopy set of mustaches on both sides of the stairs, and how the two stripes of boxwoods pinched off the pathway to the front door. We took out the boxwoods on the left side, hoping this would open up the middle area and feel more like a broader curve of boxwoods leading to the front door. We also just had a retaining wall put in. But now I’m not sure how to shape the left side of the landscaping. Do I need to keep the same general shape of the old garden bed, so it matches the right side? Or can I make it narrower, just to the edge of the retaining wall, and go straight up along the stairs? Or should there be a shorter “wall” of plants on the outside edge of the retaining wall like on the right side? I don’t know how to tag, it I’m hoping Dig Doug’s Designs will weigh in!

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