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Shrub Roses - High or Low

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

This year, I pruned a bit higher so that 1st blooms are about 5 feet high (former years I was following youtube video suggeations of leaving canes 12-16".

Anyhow, I do like the look on the 1st flush.

I was always under the impression short, squat round looked best.

Since it's higher, it looks a bit fuller with a *smidge* more blooms as well due to extra cane length...

Taking a poll I suppose. You like your shrub roses short and squat or mid-height.

After the 1st flush, I also cut low, to keep the height in control, as I knew the 2nd flush would still be another 2 feet of new growth. Going to try something different this year, and just deadhead to a set of leaves below . Not going to -take the height down- as much this year to experiment

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