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What to listen to?

4 months ago

I need recommendations. I need stuff to listen to on my walks. For the past few weeks I have been tired of listening to music, cant find a documentary or podcast I want to listen to, cant find a book that I want to listen to, or at least not one that has held my interest yet. And I am tired of walking in silence too, which I do sometimes enjoy. But recently, not so much.

I am in a funk.

I have YouTube premium so I can put the phone screen to sleep and put it in my pocket and it will continue to play if there is a video on there that is interesting to listen to. I recently listened to the documentaries "Fat" and "Fat 2" which were interesting without having to watch the video itself, as the important stuff was all talk mostly. I still have a functioning iPod that I put my Audiobooks on from iTunes. And of course I can get my podcast from any number of sources. YouTube Music, Amazon Music, I heart radio, etc.

What things do you like to listen to to pass a couple hours at a time? Your favorite podcast? Have you got some interesting new documentary I should check out?

I am open to anything. If I do not like it I can always turn it off.

I tend to listen to Holiday or Health themed podcasts. Christmas 365 is one of my favorites, but has not held my interest lately. I have gone back and listened to some older ones that I already listened to, but I would like to find new things to add to choose from. I like some history documentaries, as well as Health ones, though those can be tough to distinguish between actual documentaries and propaganda these days, I have listened to some stand up acts in an attempt to lighten my mood. This time of year when it is starting to heat up I do not enjoy my walks, I do them for health purposes only, and I try to lift my spirits with humor or Christmas music. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The things I would not find enjoyable are anything political or religious, unless it is in a historical/educational sense. I do like to listen to lectures on things like different mythologies of the ancient world, as I find them fascinating, but not things like sermons or Bible study, I had quite enough of those growing up. But politics? No. Not at ALL. I heard Martha Stewart has a podcast out now. She has become much more palatable to me in recent years. Not sure why, she's loosened up a little. Anyone listened to HER podcast? Is it a good listen?

Of course I make an effort to search for new things, but I waste a lot of time sort of trying them out, only to find myself not listening and letting my mind wander, because it is boring. My walks last about 2 and a half hours every night, and I would like to entertain my mind during that time that I am trying to improve my physical health. So, any suggestions will be welcome, even those that have nothing to do with the interests I listed above. Perhaps I need to find new interests, and would not be so bored during these long treks.....

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