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Where to put niche, shower fixtures?

4 months ago

This is for new construction. The shower is zero-entry 7ft long by 40.5" wide with a foot deep bench at the short end on the right (the inside wall). The ceiling is 9ft. There are sliding glass doors (attached at the top of the doors), and access will be from the left. I had thought the main showerhead would go on the lefthand short wall, with the controls, and the handshower would go on the right end of the long wall, next to, and just in front of, the bench. But I didn't know that because the left short wall is an outside wall (the bottom wall in the image), they can't put the showerhead or controls there. The architect instead crowded all the shower stuff around the bench, so that the main showerhead and controls are toward the righthand end of the long wall, just in front of the bench, and the handshower is directly to one side of the bench. This means the main showerhead sprays toward the glass doors! First of all b/c it's zero entry, this means a guaranteed wet room. Second, it means I'm trapped in a corner of a 7-ft long shower with the rest of it serving no purpose. I can't believe they thought this was okay.

If we can't put the showerhead on the outside wall, my current thinking is to put the main showerhead above the bench. (The shower arm I have is 9" long, but I could get a longer one if needed.) Then they could put the niches on that same wall, above the bench. The handshower would go a foot or so in front of and next to the bench (not directly beside it), and the controls for all the showers would go at the other end of the long wall, opposite the entrance to the shower, so I can walk in and turn on the shower but still be mostly out of reach of the spray.

Does this sound like a reasonable alternative? Other suggestions are welcome!

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