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Taupe or “mushroom” cabinet trend

last year

I’m really digging the beige/taupe/“mushroom” cabinets trend. I have never been a huge fan of white kitchens. Too clean and sterile looking for my taste. I love warm neutrals and I am so excited that they are trending now.
Anyway, our walls are painted BM Edgecomb Grey. A lighter warm neutral. Our kitchen cabinets are in dire need of resurfacing. I was hoping for a warm neutral for the kitchen cabinets. But all the inspiration I see online, the walls are white with the contrast of the warm neutral.
I was thinking Pashmina but worried it would be too dark. I was thinking maybe a bit lighter but also worried not enough contrast if our walls are not white.
Our windows are north and west facing.
Any advice or suggestions?

I attached photos of the trend.


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