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Prescription Cost Relief Coming for Seniors

8 days ago

A story originating with Kiplinger's Personal Finance says Medicare will cap Part D premium increases at no more than 6% starting next year.

OOP co-pays in catastrophic (once you've paid $7.400) will also end. That's not a big whoop. It would save me about $3/month. However, in 2025, *all* OOP will be capped at $2,000 a year.

In 2026 Medicare will start negotiating prices for certain expensive drugs that are covered by both Part B and Part D. They'll announce the first 10 drugs by this September.

Kinda late for me, as I paid the $7,400 last year and this one, thanks to being prescribed oral cancer drug Revlimid in mid-September. It retails at $28,000/month. I wonder if Medicare will look at the Darzalex infusion I get in the cancer center, for which Medicare (That's you, me, every taxpayer.) funds at $46,000/month.

Thank you all for keeping me alive with Multiple Myeloma -- five years in June.

Time to sell some Big Pharma stocks?

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