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Wild Edric and New Garden Friends

Some of you know that my entire garden of mostly old roses vanished down the gullets of voracious ground squirrels, with the honorable exception of Wild Edric, an Austin rose that is no longer available in the US. I've just recently decided that naked dirt was without any charm, and nature cooperated by sending up thousands of alyssum plants, which the little varmints will not eat. That's well and good in spring, but during the summer the alyssum dies off and has to be removed, and hence my new interest in small flowering plants and shrubs that are unattractive to rodents. I've planted two oleanders, several California lilacs and some monkey flowers (mimulus) and happily they have not been touched. I have on order from Annie's Annuals several varieties of salvia, a small tree to take the place of one killed by the drought, Teucrium, Verbascum, a lantana named Bandana Pink, Lepechina hastata and another mimulus, Changeling. That will be all that I'll plant this year so that I can begin to understand what the critters will leave alone and what will thrive without drip watering as I want to plant a water-wise garden that will need only occasional watering. Since I'm old and feeble I hope this scheme will deliver much pleasure and little work. At any rate it's very exiting to have something going on in the garden again!

Fortnight lily under a pinkish-laventer crape myrtle

My dearly beloved Wild Edric

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