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kitchen help! cabinet options (dimensions) + microwave placement

4 months ago

Hey folks =)

Renovating an old house (1909 American Foursquare) that used to be a mortuary. Doing most of the work ourselves as we have time and money.

Big U shaped kitchen and wondering:

-Where would people put a microwave?

-Would people pull any cabinets down to the counter level or no?



Not super into a drawer (so expensive and I have talked to people who find them annoying), but willing to hear people out if anyone is super team drawer.

Many folks have said do NOT pull any cabinets down to the counter because it will box in the bench seat under the east window and not allow light from the east and south windows to connect and be open and such under all the east cabinets.

We could put the microwave just on the counter, but at that point isn't it going to block light also? So why not pull the cabinets down?

We could put the microwave in the lower part of some of the upper cabinets, but based on what I know that's not really possible with 12" deep cabinets (would need to be 16" minimum right? or 18"?).

Which leads to cabinets...


Microwave considerations and light/openness considerations (see above).

The practical part of me says pull some cabinets down to the counter to maximize the ideal storage height real estate (counter height to head height ish). There's miles (10' x 3.5') of island for prep space, so I don't think we need loads more on the east wall. But I agree with others that having all the cabinets being up would look/feel really nice and bright and open!

Does anyone cabinets pulled down the the counter that block some light? Does anyone have upper cabinets (that go to the counter or not) that are alternating deeper and shallower? One idea would be to have the outer cabinets deeper (for microwave in one and the other for symmetry) and the two near the stove shallower. Or they could all be a bit deeper, but the outers could go lower and the ones near the stove could be higher (more near-the-stove prep space).

So many combinations and options.

What would you all do? Anybody have anything like this in their house?

Thanks for any feedback and info =)


Additional info (not essential to this topic perhaps, just if anyone cares):

We love old houses and hope to maintain what character is still there and keep it looking old (but also updated...for example it currently has no kitchen),

After MUCH deliberation and consulting with many many people we have landed on this general kitchen layout (free/open source software - don't pay attention to any aesthetics, layout only). Eventually we'll be 3-6 adults (possibly some kids living there), it's a big kitchen.

I know someone is going to suggest it but we don't think we need a prep sink (love just having a big open island with nothing on it! though we reserve the right in a couple years to add a prep sink if we feel like we need it).

We wanted to maximize the light on the south wall (also the back yard! all the other windows look at our neighbors), so we're excited about all the light that will be in the space! I'll edit and add more info if needed.

We added a small "drop zone" facing the living space on the north part of the kitchen because we think it will tie the kitchen and living space together, make the 3' deep pantry less obtrusive looking, create a drop zone for crap, and also there's a light switch and outlet box which we don't feel like moving. So it's 3' (the depth of the fridge/pantry area) x 1.5' or 2'. This rendering is just to visualize the layout only....not aesthetics (like there could be cabinets or better looking shleves above it, and there's not cabinet type options in this program etc....layout only!).

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