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Tomorrow is May Day

4 months ago

I might be a little absent from the forum. Life is very busy right now.

The SF was fun like always. Great group of people.

I got some wonderful gift plants.

There wasn't much time to work in the garden this weekend which is a REAL shame. Hopefully I'll have an hour or two each night--except maybe Tuesday--this week. I'll be working on my day off.

A girl who is friends with our neighbor to the east is an urban homesteader type. She came over yesterday afternoon and picked up my extra Heinz paste tomatoes, some chamomile, a tulsi, borage, and the extra roselle. She likes to work with herbs as well. Makes tinctures, salves, oils, teas--stuff like that (and like me) So we have that in common. I sure wish I could find a friend around my age who is similar to her. She is a lot younger. Kids are still little. I often feel like I was born at the wrong time.

It really is time to put in the peppers, plant the pumpkin, melon, and cuke seeds... and the rest of my flowers and herbs. Fingers crossed that I can get it done this week.

If I don't post much this week, it's just that the jobs are demanding right now and I'm trying to finish the garden. Part of my biggest problem is finding places for all the things.

Happy May Day! (A few hours early)

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