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bought a house last year. working on the gardens this year

Zachary anderson
5 months ago

so there are a few things I've been planning to get done this year as my big project and that's revitalizing the garden beds the previous owners had.

TLDR, an old couple passes away and the kids didn't want the house due to being across the state/nation. Garden beds were left unattended for years and became overgrown with bulb plants and weeds.

I have tried my best to get as many of the bulbs out of the soil as I can, but with how "neglected" the garden was(I want to use that loosely as age probably played a huge role in it) I want to know if tilling it may be a viable way for me to revitalize the soil and prep it with any nutrients I may want to put in for the fruits/veggies I want to play.

My only experience with gardening has been patio boxed at my old apartment so having garden beds are a new experience for me and I want to do it right the first time.

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