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Curb appeal: Exterior colors for 1917 foursquare prairie house

Susan Ewart
last month

We are selecting exterior paint colors for our foursquare prairie style house built in 1917. The b/w photo is from the 1920s and the color photo is what it looks like now. We are restoring the exterior appearance by removing the wood siding on the second floor and going back to stucco with the “bands” as seen in the 1920s photo. We are seeking help with paint colors for the second-floor walls and all the trim (1st floor is brown brick, the door is original oak and will remain unpainted). Based on historical photos of this house style, the trim is often the light/cream color that we have now and how it appears in the original photo. The second-floor color in the original looks like a medium-to-dark dark tone/shade, but I can't tell the color

. We are going all out to improve the curb appeal, so I want to get the colors right. Your suggestions are appreciated!

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