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Best low-profile exterior storm for antique wood windows

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi all - I am looking for recommendations for wooden, low-profile storm windows for an original wood window.

Backstory: I am renovating my antique (c. 1900) house which still has the original wood double-hung windows, which are covered by old aluminum triple-track storm windows. I hate the triple-tracks for several reasons: they're ugly, they're dirty and impossible to clean, and they are often hard to operate. I am replacing a few of these windows only where necessary (I'm adding french doors in one location, and adding larger top-of-the-line wood Marvin windows in others that will be as close to an exact match to the existing as possible), but saving the windows for reuse or salvage.

This will leave one window on the main first-story facade remaining with a triple-track storm (the rest will either be new or are small original windows without a storm - and there are still a bunch of original windows with the triple-tracks on other, less visible parts of the house).

I am thinking that the triple-track is going to stand out like a sore thumb even more when it's the only one on the facade. I'm also going to be painting the house, and I'd like to have as many options as possible for trim color, which I would not with bright white triple-tracks (or at least, would not with it looking halfway decent). I do not need a screen. Thoughts on what's the best-looking solution for a paintable, low-profile storm window here?

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