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A Terry Cloth Dress?

2 months ago

When I was pajama shopping at Lake I saw their ”lounge wear” and fell in love with this dress as a bathing suit coverup. They show it being worn as a dress, out and about. Would you wear a terry dress out? I haven’t ordered it yet because I am still looking for a bathing suit to wear under it. When I saw this picture I thought I might actually wear it as a dress. The style is a bit much to wear in town doing errands, but the fabric is so extreme casual I can’t think where I would wear it… not to church, or out at night. Maybe to a backyard barbecue at a friend’s, but the style doesn’t seem right for that. Where would you wear something like this? I’ve owned similar dresses in navy and white in a cotton pique that I wore anywhere and everywhere, including weddings. They also have this in fuschia AND both colors in super cute shorts sets.

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