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Bev et al? Me AGAIN. Lamp type/height? Confused.

Abby Marshall
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Me again. I am confused about the lamp thing (see my other recent thread about styling a buffet if you want background);

I'm also playing with wall art color/shape/size too so feel free to comment on wall art. I've returned 3 prints and 1 canvas so far. This blue one will go the same route. I am NOT a perfectionist. Right.

Pics included below.

OK. So. Houzzer Bev and other kindly Houzzers told me the lamps I purchased are too tall for my buffet (33" H x 56" w x 19": D) and probably should be buffet-style lamps rather than table lamps. ONLY - wait... aren't buffet lamps usually TALLER than table lamps (32-36")? Confused.

The two silver table lamps are 23" to top of light socket; 28" to top of shade

Sitting on top of the buffet the total height is 33" + 28" = 61"

The two white table lamps are 21" to top of socket; 27" to top of shade

Placed on top of the buffet total height is 60".

I'm digging the tapered (cone) look.

The white side table by the sofa is 19.5" H. In the pic you can see I added 4" of books under the lamp so total height of lamp, table, and books = 50.5" (19.5" + 4" + 27" = 50.5) . This is within a half inch of dimensions of the side table where the white lamp sits on the opposite end of the sofa.

I read elsewhere that one should strive for all lamps in a given room to be about the same height

AND...generally 58-64" FROM THE FLOOR (INCL the table it sits on).

*TALLER side tables for the lamps (side tables currently in use are fillers). Yes? How tall? Sofa arm = 24" so no taller than 24", right? That doesnt help much - total ht 24 + 27 = 51. Add 4" of books or whatever = 55". Do I need TALLER table lamps for side tables? OMG I'm going nuts. Why do I even care????

BUT...then...what about the lamps on the buffet? Smaller lamps on buffet? Buffet lamps? Where do I find short buffet lamps (a quick search = 0)? Taller side tables with current lamps? Arrrrghhhhh LIFE IS SO HARD. No- really- I am lucky to be worried about this stuff rather than serious concerns. But please help me. Ha!

Woot! Ultra-long post. Thanks in advance for your helpful comments! I'll check in tomorrow morning.

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